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I was an asshole

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Posted 1 week ago

This place hasn’t changed since last time I was on here 

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Anonymous asked:
whoever is bullying you because of your age is disgusting and they need to not. i am so sorry i really wish i could help, and i know i cant but i will follow you for as long as i keep my blog! I refuse to unfollow :D i hope all goes well in the future my friend

Thanks, it really means alot to me that people will still be here for when I come back, but it depends what is going on will I come back sooner or later, but I hope the best comes to follow me into the future

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Posted 3 months ago


Hey guys, most of you probably have unfollowed me due to my inactivity, but those who are following me probably should. I am leaving tumblr, not forever, but not for a week. I am probably going to be back on here when i’m older, I don’t like being picked on for my age because I already got picked on in school, and I am not going to pretty much be bullied on here because of my age difference by what, a year? I just have so much going on in my life, I just really need a break from this place. I will probably return around April, but you will see me on once in awhile, but I need quiet for now.


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Posted 3 months ago


never get tired of stories like these
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Sometimes people on this site are like “lol not doing homework” and skipping school and wonder why they’re failing.

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hello hi whats up so yeah these are some websites i use and they’re really really helpful and as of jan 1st. 2014, they alllll work!!!!! all of them are free, and somethings you could really use, please tell me if you need anything specific ill be glad to give you a link now weep with happiness goodbye -shakes x
download free music
download from 8tracks
watch free movies/tv shows
download free books
free microsoft word?
pretend to type an essay
like the sound of a coffee shop?
can’t remember the name of a song?
when to pee during a movie
convert youtube videos to mp3
best learning website ever
working out master post
winged eyeliner tutorial
pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
how to write a good essay
list of photo galleries
photoshop tutorials
kawaii emoji’s
this can solve any math problem
rainy mood?
wanna know who you write like?
create a fake tweet
upload anything from your iPhone etc. to your laptop
wanna know how stuff works?
learn how to study
learn how to make tumblr themes
the thoughts room
how to love yourself 
watch movies/draw/everything??? with your online friends
create some cool shit
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sleeping naked is very dangerous bc if someone breaks into your house at night it would be very embarrassing to fight him off while naked


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